You want my phone number? It’s useless. The best way to contact me is to fill a human skull with acorns and vigorously shake it into the night. I will hear you eventually.

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babblings - i wish sorry could just be enough sometimes -

He’s such a loser! I Can’t believe I’m marrying him.

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parks and rec meme ★ five friendships [1/5]
leslie & andy

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Finally, I Get To Know What They Mean

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Guys seriously would you LOOK at mini Adam Scott from Boy Meets World circa 1994

was this when he was mayor

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…But what the word “feminist” does do is acknowledge the very long history of the women’s rights movement. I agree with what [Joss Whedon is] saying: It should just be assumed men and women are equally important and equally capable—but it’s not, and it hasn’t been for thousands of years. So, “feminism” and being a “feminist” is an acknowledgement of that history and the culture we’ve lived in for a long time. It’s a reaction to that, but for me, that’s an important acknowledgement to make.



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literally everything in my entire life decided to happen THIS THURSDAY i’ve got like six things happening

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babblings - including all day sat prep and two tests i'm missing and GRACEPOINT PREMIERE!! -
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Actual PSA. 

this is something that’s really important for people to understand, and that most people don’t

Actual queen

oh yea this
'You look bored what's wrong?' Nothing I'm just comfortable with being quiet leave me alone

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i just prefer to be quiet - it doesn't usually mean that i feel weird - i'd just like to be quiet - introversion -